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28 July 2009

game code

alien shooter cheat codes
In the shop:
Type cheatm" as a code - Additional 50,000 money.

In game mode:
Type "cheatw" as a code - Get all weapons.
Type "cheath" as a code - Get 1000 hp.
Type "cheate" as a code - Finish level.
Type "cheata" as a code - Additional 1000 ammo.
Type "cheats" as a code - Run faster.
Type "cheatm" as a code - Add 50,000 to your money.

Note: To activate cheat codes you have to type letters on the
keyboard during the game. In Survive mode codes do not work.

Hidden bonuses:
When you play on the first few levels, and you see a crack on the
wall, shoot it. The wall will break open and you will find bonus lives,
money and other items hidden inside.

Game editing cheat:
Edit the "table" file in game folder with an editor.
You can change the money, gun prices etc.. 
යාවත්කාලීනය 2016-09-01

කතුහිමිය @ 2016 පන්නිලගේ නිලන්ත දයා කුමාර
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